All-State High School Honor Choirs

A collaborative effort of CCDA and SCVA

2020-2021 All State Honor Choir Updates–we are going virtual!

Please check back here often for updates regarding payment, rehearsal tracks, scores, and scheduling. Congratulations to all members of our 2020-2021 Virtual All State!

More information can be found in our Welcome Letter.

Dropbox link with rehearsal tracks

Google Drive link to repertoire

VAI/Virtual choir upload links: Each singer needs to log into the VAI website PRIOR to the first rehearsal on January 30th to create your account and familiarize yourself with the recording specifications for our All State ensembles. Please follow your ensemble link below to create your account and navigate through the website. If you have any questions about your VAI account, please send them to




JHS/9th Grade:

Reminder: Due to the ever changing Covid situation in California, CCDA is not able to offer an in-person All State this year. However, we will be offering our students a virtual All State experience, which we are very excited about! For more information, please check out this presentation. This is new territory for us all, so we will be continually updating our membership as the event takes shape. Please email me if you have any questions!

Choir rosters with divisi:

2020-2021 All State Choir – SATB

2020-2021 All State Choir – TTBB

2020-2021 All State Choir – SSAA

JHS/9th All State 2021


The 2021 Virtual All State Honor Choir conductors are:

Mr. Tesfa Wondemagegnehu, St. Olaf College, High School TTBB

Dr. Judy Bowers, University of Louisiana Monroe, Junior High SATB

Dr. Anthony Trecek-King, The Hartt School, University of Hartford, High School SATB

Dr. Amanda Quist, Frost School of Music, University of Miami, High School SSAA

Financial Information at a Glance

Audition Fee (for All State) $  10.00
Regional Honor Choir Participation Fee Central & Coastal Regions CANCELED $100.00
SCVA (Southern Region) CANCELED $  90.00
Tickets for Regional Concerts CANCELED   $10.00
All-State Honor Choir Participation Fee–2020-2021 $85

The CCDA/SCVA High School Honor Choirs are an amazing opportunity for high school students from around the state of California to sing in select choirs under the direction of nationally and internationally known conductors. Students accepted into the honor choirs receive their music several weeks ahead of the rehearsals and performance, learn the music with the aid of rehearsal tracks and their school/community choir directors then come together for three days of music making with students from all over the state of California. The honor choir experience culminates in two concerts featuring the Junior High/9th grade, TTBB, SATB, and SSAA choirs. While ninth graders are eligible for both junior and senior high honor choirs, directors, singers, and parents should keep in mind that many of the 10th, 11th and 12th graders they will be auditioning with for senior high honor choir have had more years experience auditioning for and performing in honor choirs. Participation in the Junior High/9th Grade All-State Honor Choir is a great stepping stone for the high school level All-State in that it gives students an audition experience as well as an understanding of honor choir rehearsals, literature, and decorum. To learn more about the Junior High/9th Grade All-State Honor Choir click HERE.

There are three regional honor choirs, Coastal, Central, and Southern/SCVA. Each region has a TTBB choir, an SATB choir, and an SSAA choir. Singers audition in September/October to become a member of one of the state’s regional honor choirs in November. Students who have participated in a regional honor choir and have indicated that they want to be considered for All State Honor Choir will have their audition scores assessed for participation in All State Honor Choir. The All State Honor Choir is “the cream of the crop”, bringing together the finest high school singers from the entire state of California to sing in the All State Honor Choirs in March.

Not sure what region you are in? Please email All State Chair, Molly Peters,



THE AUDITION  (100 points) 

We recommend that teachers/directors review each of these skills with their singers so that they are well prepared.

  • SOLO: (40 points) Prepare an Italian, French, or German song to be sung from memory. We recommend Schirmer’s 24 Italian Songs and Arias or 26 Italian Songs and Arias edited by John Glenn Paton, or a comparable song or aria. The singer will sing the song once through with NO repeats or da capo. Each singer must provide an accompanist or recording with sound reproductive equipment. Singers must provide two copies of music for the adjudicators.  The key selected for the solo should be appropriate for the singer’s voice part.
  • TONAL MEMORY: (25 points) Five-note passages will be played on the piano for the singer to repeat, sung on any syllable.
  • SIGHT-READING: (20 points) A single-line, unaccompanied melody will be supplied, sung on any syllable.
  • SCALES/TRIADS: (15 points) Sing the following: ascending and descending: major scale, major triad, minor triad, and chromatic scale, sung on any syllable.

For useful honor choir audition resources, including a video of a sample honor choir audition, please visit the main Honor Choir page, or click HERE to be taken back to the page directly.

Singer Eligibility

Current enrollment in and participation in the choral program at your high school or community organization is required and your director must approve your audition application online. Your choir director must be a member of CCDA or SCVA.

Participation Policy

By submitting an application, the singer, director, and school/organization agree to follow through on their commitment for that singer to participate in the honor choir should he or she be accepted. You are required to attend all of the rehearsals. Your school/organization may be subject to a one-year suspension from participation in honor choirs if any singer from your school/organization does not attend any or all required activities after being accepted, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury, or death in the family.

Placement in Choirs

  • If you are new to honor choirs this year you will be randomly placed into your Regional and All- State SATB, TTBB, or SSAA Honor Choir.
  • Singers who sang in a Regional SATB Honor Choir last year will be placed into the Regional SSAA or TTBB Honor Choir this year. Singers who sang in a Regional SSAA/TTBB Honor Choir last year will be placed into the Regional SATB Honor Choir this year. The same rotation system is applied to the All-State Choirs as well.


  • Directors whose singers apply for the honor choirs must be members of CCDA or SCVA.
  • All documents (including sheet music) will be emailed or mailed to the school/organization and posted on the CCDA web site for download.
  • If you send singers to the honor choirs it is your responsibility to distribute information, forms, and music to your students.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your students are prepared for honor choirs and that they turn in their forms and pay their fees on time.
  • If you have two or more students attending the honor choir, you will be expected to attend the honor choir and volunteer during the weekend.
  • It is strongly recommended that directors assist the singers in filling out the online form, especially those fields dealing with school/community organization and director information. The application cannot be processed unless the singers enter their director’s correct email address. We need complete and accurate information.
  • Your school/organization may be subject to a one-year suspension from participation in honor choirs if any singer from your school/organization does not attend any or all required activities after being accepted, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury, or death in the family.
All-State Honor Choirs Chairperson 




Molly Peters
West Ranch High School /
Rancho Pico Junior High School
26255 W Valencia Blvd.
Stevenson Ranch, Ca 91381

Central Region Chairperson




Susanna Peeples

Granite Bay High School                              1 Grizzly Way, Granite Bay, CA 95746

Coastal Region Chairperson




Mary Stocker
Albany High School /
Albany Middle School
603 Key Route Boulevard
Albany, Ca 94706

SCVA VPs of HS Honor Choirs    

Michael Ushino